How To Write A Nursing Resume

With the Medical profession having more trainees than ever before it is becoming harder and harder to find a job in the industry. That’s why it is more important than ever to put together a great application for any job, and that means creating a Nursing Resume which clearly displays all of your attributes and experience in a well thought out, clear and positive manner. As a nurse your main strengths should be focus, attention to detail and a pleasant manner. All of these attributes can be conveyed through the way your resume is written. You can show your attention to detail by making sure that your resume is absolutely free from grammatical errors. You can show your organisational skills by making sure that your resume is laid out in a clear chronological order with all details about your education and experience, and you can show that you will have a pleasant bedside manner by writing your resume in a friendly tone. Remember that this is an advert for you as a person, as well as an employee.

Start off your Nursing resume with a clear and well thought out objective. This should be a sentence which indicates what sort of position you are looking for. Make sure at this point that you read the job description very carefully. You need to make sure that your objective matches up with the job you are applying for. If you state that you are looking for a position which will allow you to work with the elderly and you are applying for a post within the children’s ward, you are not going to get very far!

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After your objective you should devote a section of your resume to your skills and qualifications, in the guise of a summary. You will mention briefly all of your strong points in your working life and the qualifications and certificates you have managed to obtain. You will undoubtedly go into all of this in more detail in later sections but it is a good chance to get the main points of your resume across in a bullet pointed format so that your prospective employer can see at a glance what you can do.

The next section should focus on your professional experience. Make sure that you start this section off with your most recent or current position and work backwards from there. This section is a great opportunity for you to go into a bit more detail about any of the work you have carried out, and show the reader how well you know your job.

The final section of your resume should be about your education. Again, this section should start off with your most recent qualification and work back from there. Try to focus mostly on the qualifications you have gained which are in direct relation to your nursing career, and just skim over any other qualifications giving grades and dates, for things such as your High School studies.

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