How to Write Construction Resume ?

Construction Resume

Construction is directly related to Civil Engineering and Architecture. Under this field what are executed as the works include designing, drawing maps, assembling and building the houses, multistory-complexes, bridges, flying bridges, dams and roads, etc. Construction Resume is being presented for your review. Through this resume sample you can easily create a resume on your own

Without a complete training construction of any structure is not possible. Construction work has now become such a profession that opens the gate only for those who after having completed the Engineering course in Civil trade seek to build their career in the construction field.

Constructing any structure- be it of public related works like schools, hospitals, dams, over-bridges, roads and government-buildings, or of private-related ones like houses, multistory-complexes and private shopping complexes-has a gigantic role to play in these works.

Engineers have imparted the complete training as to how to draw a map and then expedite the construction using highly sophisticated materials and lending top priority to the safety providing 100% protection from any natural calamity like earthquake, thunderstorm and conflagration. The Engineers are needed to construct a structure or the building under which nothing should be left unconsidered so that the dwellers should face no dissatisfaction in the long run.

We are throwing light on how to write your construction resume before applying for the job on Construction.

How to Write a Construction Resume?

Before starting to write your construction resume you are required to lend the following tips your top priority. First collect all the information on tour education, professional training and experiences you must have gained by serving some organization.


You are required to show your skill in the form of language you may be using to present the picture of your complete knowledge, experience, and training imparted upon you. In this way your complete personality is displayed through the resume you furnish to an employer. Even a minor mistake can throw your resume in the dustbin.
You should write your name with bold fonts and beneath it your address, contact number of basic line or your cell and E mail should be given place.

E mail:

Under this subheading you should write the post you are applying for, considering your previous knowledge and experience.

Professional Expertise-
In the section you will have to reveal the capabilities of handling the construction-related works. The words used should throw light on your knowledge and experiences gained. Point out your dexterity specifically to highlight your qualified entity.

Professional Achievements-
This segment deals with the rewards and awards bestowed upon you by companies or organization which you should have served already.

General Education-
Do mention under this section your entire education you’ve had prioritizing post-graduation, Graduation, and the High School. Mentioning the names of institutes mention the years also of completing the respective education.

Professional Course-
Under this subheading reveal your professional course like a Civil Engineering diploma or degree course mentioning the year.

Professional Experience-
This segment requires informations on your previous experiences gained by serving different organization including private as well as public ones.

Other Skills-
What you possess as some extra qualities, that can play a productive role in the respective field, should be penned down under this section.

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Note: A few points needed to be kept in mind before heading forward to pen down about self-entity. Resumes are generally divided into two categories one for the freshers and another for the experienced ones.
Freshers being in-experienced ones should reveal as much information on their knowledge and education as they can. While the experienced ones should concentrate upon the experience they have gained already by serving different organizations.

Sample Construction Resume

Bob John Street
Houston, Texas 77034
(315) 525-5145



Aspire to hold a senior position in a reputed construction company as a Civil Engineer to and serve it with best of my professional dexterity.


  • Disciplined and efficient in design, construction and maintenance.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to yield the expected result.
  • Adapting quality with the changing need.
  • Efficient in accomplishing the relentless/non stop work.


XL Construction Company, California, 20XX – Present
Civil Engineer

  • Build bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.
  • Monitor the construction works in the field.
  • Analyze the designs and make their interpretation on papaer.
  • Handle overall fixed projects.
  • Closely monitor and ensure the exact designing grading, drainage, pavement, water supply, sewer service, electric and communications supply.
  • Develop community consensus, and prepare the construction plans.
  • Lend top priority to Geo technology.
  • Execute the planning, site development, hydraulic works, environmental impact and structural designing.
  • Make drafting and reviewing the contracts, evaluate the logistical operations, and closely-monitor other necessary supplies.

ABC Group, New York, 19XX – 20XX
Earthquake Engineer

  • Verify structure’s capability to withstand hazardous earthquake exposures at the sites of their particular location.
  • Take the snapshot from the sites and analyze complete structure.
  • Understand interaction of structures with the shaky ground.
  • Foresee the consequences of possible earthquakes.
  • Design, construct and maintain structures to perform at earthquake exposure in compliance with building codes.

Educational Qualification

Graduation in Engineering from Texas University in 20XX.

Extensive knowledge of Computer software.

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