Nanny Resume Tips

Nanny Resume

Nannies face fierce competition in today’s job market. If you want to edge out your rivals and secure a job with a good family, here are seven nanny resume tips to keep in mind. Nannies are professional childcare providers who usually offer in-home assistance to one family at a time. They’re responsible for the child’s safety, supervision, and security, and they might be asked to run errands or complete household chores as part of their duties.

Nannies are expected to aid in the child’s cognitive development through fun, imaginative, and engaging activities in addition to providing for their basic needs. Nannies function as a child’s parents while the parents are away, so the burden of their physical and physiological growth is in the nanny’s hands.

1: Offer Meaningful References

The average parent won’t care what your old retail boss has to say about your work ethic. They’re interested in how you interact with children; they need proof that you can be trusted inside their homes. Give references who will attest to your integrity and good character, like pastors, community leaders, and the families of previous nanny jobs.

2: Stress The Importance of Education

If they’re looking for a nanny, not just a teenage babysitter, they want more than someone who just watches their children. They want a guardian who speaks multiple languages or has experience with homework help and after-school tutoring. They want someone who will stimulate their child’s imagination instead of letting it rot away in front of the television.

3: Be Cheerful

Writing a resume for a nanny job isn’t like crafting one for a position in a corporate office. Where the latter demands professionalism and impersonality, prospective nannies should be chipper, energetic, and enthusiastic in their love of children and their zest for life.

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4: List Safety Certifications

Parents want to know that their children are safe with you. If you’ve been trained in CPR/AED, say so. If you took a class in first aid or natural disaster readiness, include that as well. Mention anything at all that will help them believe you’re prepared for worst-case scenarios.

5: Highlight Volunteerism

Listing your volunteer experience is a great way to show off your kind and generous spirit. You’ll get bonus points for anything that includes childcare duties, like day camps, can-collecting initiatives, or Sunday school groups.

6: Customize Your Resume

You shouldn’t get too bold; you still want to send the impression that you’re a hard-working adult who can handle real-world responsibilities. But it’s okay if you want to have a little fun with your resume.

7: Include Any Additional Skills

You never know when a parent will connect with your love of computers or open a dialogue about their own time as a soccer goalie. Don’t be afraid to list your passions under “special skills” or “creative hobbies” that will establish your love of diverse, intelligent pursuits.

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