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Parents who are busy working and are unable to manage all the responsibilities of both home and work often hire a babysitter to help take care of their children. Some parents would rather take their children to a daycare center instead of employing a babysitter. However, getting a babysitter is better because the babysitter will also assist you in taking care of other responsibilities. If you love children and you would not mind getting a temporary job to make some extra cash, then being a babysitter would be great.

Tips for writing a babysitting resume

The following tips will help you create a babysitting resume that earns you confidence.
Statement objective
This is an optional part of a resume, but a very important one. If well written, it may grasp the recruiter’s interest to read through your resume
Always put your qualifications in short sentences that have bullets. These qualifications may include your ability to look for children of different ages together with the knowledge of taking care of children of different age groups and offering them a safe and secure environment to grow in.
Babysitting skills
List down skills that you possess relevant to a babysitting job. This is the section that will let your potential employer know about your expertise in this field.
Work experience
This is the part where you will write about your previous work experience as a babysitter. Always highlight your major accomplishments. Include a short list in bullets under each employer and show results that can be quantified. For example, you can say that you prepared food for the children, changed diapers, assisted in homework, and assisted in house cleaning.
Write down your academic qualifications that are related to babysitting.
Extra abilities
Writing down your extra attributes is vital. There are different things you can put in this section such as keenness to detail, ability to handle emergencies, and exceptional communication skills.

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Babysitter Job description

Babysitting is a job that is popular among students and those who are fresh from college although there are people who do it as a full-time job. Often, babysitters are employed through references by people you are familiar with since trust is important when dealing with children. However, you can always get a good babysitter from advertisements as well. To be a babysitter, you must be compassionate and loving. You should also be calm and easily give firm instructions to children without sounding harsh.
You are expected to be keen while taking instructions from parents about proper childcare and always refer to the given information in the future. Manage and take good care of children when the parents and guardians are not available. A babysitter’s job also depends on the babysitter’s responsibilities which are given to you, your working hours the number of kids you will take care of, and the salary. If you are looking for a babysitter job, you can always include other responsibilities in your resume so that you can easily shortlist them. Aside from babysitting, you also include some household duties that you are capable of doing for some extra money

Babysitter Job Duties

A babysitter is employed by agencies, childcare centers, and families to take care of the needs of children and to offer emotional and physical support while the parents are away. As a babysitter, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the household environment so that you may feel comfortable when left with children. Prepare age-appropriate meals for the children and make sure they are fed in good time. Prepare formula and feed babies at the set times according to the parent’s instructions and limit the hours older children spend watching television as per the instructions given by the parents.
It is also part of your job to change children’s diapers and bathe them while ensuring their laundry is well taken care of. Take children to school and pick them up when school is over and help in transporting them to events such as swimming. You should also help the school-going children with their homework or any other special assignments given and always encourage children to be positive and take care of any crises with sound judgment. Carry out light house chores and prepare snacks and meals. In case there is an emergency, you are expected to handle the situation in the right manner by getting into contact with emergency services or carrying out CPR or first aid

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Babysitting resume sample

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