How To Write A Resume For A Marketing Manager Position

You may now be in the market for a new job. Your expertise and education place you in the field of marketing. This means that all you should have to do in order to find a job as a marketing manager is have the experience necessary to do the job and a great resume to impress your potential employer.

Actually, to even get your foot in the door you need a great resume that stands out from the rest of the applicants. There are several easy steps you should take to make your resume for a marketing manager position be one of the ones chosen for an interview. While these are easy steps, they are often overlooked by people who are seeking employment.

Many people will simply pull out the old resume, add their most recent employment to it and begin applying for jobs. But not you; you are going to read and implement all the information I am going to give you so that you can tweak even your old boring resume into something that will make a potential employer look forward to interviewing you.

• Make sure your contact information is easily noticed and complete with a correct phone number, address and even your email address. An employer can’t give you an interview if he can’t contact you.

• The top half of the first page of your resume should highlight your career accomplishments. Such as becoming the youngest marketing manager candidate at your old company. This is basically your advertising space where you are going to sell yourself in much the same way that newspapers are sold by what is in the top half of the front page.

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• Your education should be included as any degrees or certifications you may have earned. There is no need to put your high school classes on there unless that is where you learned that you wanted to be in marketing. Essentially unless it is related to your career or is an accomplishment that will improve your performance in your career field you shouldn’t include it on your resume.

• Remove all flowery prose that is used to describe anything on your resume. Stick with professional terminology and remember that you aren’t writing your biography you are trying to find a job. Straightforward and concise is what potential employers are looking for.

• Include professional references. No more than 3 references that are either previous coworkers or employers. No employer wants to call for a reference and find out that the person is your grandmother’s neighbor and she doesn’t even know what marketing is.

• Be sure to include your goals and objectives. This is the only way a potential employer has of knowing whether you are looking for a position with advancement opportunities or if marketing manager is your goal. This is also the area to inform an employer of what you have to offer as far as improving their marketing department. Sell yourself as the best possible choice for the position.

With the economy and the job market in the state they are in today, you really must make your resume top notch in order to even be considered for a position. Take the time to rework your entire resume to make you a prime candidate for a marketing manager position.

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