Making a Good CV

We always want to impress our potential employers by writing a good resume. However, some of us are not really familiar with the steps in writing a good CV that will increase our probabilities of being hired. Even for those professionals who are seeking alternative careers or shifting industries, they sometimes fail to provide a good CV to their prospect employers.

Here are the following characteristics of a CV that we can consider good and effective:

  1. good CV is something that targets a specific goal. There should be a clear objective of the applicant as to why he is currently looking for employment in the intended company.
  2. good CV should be simple but detailed. It is a must that your CV is concise.
  3. Sometimes, applicants do not make it because they submit lengthy resumes and CV files. A good CV is short and compact. As a suggestion, try to limit your CV pages in two.
  4. For those jobs that are related to designs and the arts, you may need to integrate some of your presentation skills to make your CV more attractive.
  5. good CV is of course free form spelling and accuracy errors.
  6. good CV should also be submitted together with a good cover letter.

Writing a good CV is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to have is the motivation to get hired and follow the simple steps in effective Curriculum Vitae writing. This time, the internet can be used to look for reference mat

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